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i’m sorry. i know that i’m one of those people who are probably really unfair to stiles because of reasons. i don’t think i’ve done anything particularly gross wrt him (and if i have i’m sorry)—but i’m going to try to keep this in mind for future.

i don’t mind, from you? mostly because when it’s you i have more context to build upon—we’ve talked about ideas of friendships and so i have a better idea of where you’re coming from when you’re talking about the scott&stiles dynamic. and as far as i can remember you haven’t done anything gross in that regard.

he’s—i’m mostly neutral on him, honestly. i like that he’s a neurodivergent (i think that is the term? is that only the term for autism? someone pls correct if i am using it wrong) character that isn’t treated like shit for it and i can relate to that to an extent, and think he has some great lines—while also acknowledging that i don’t like how he treats most people, esp lydia. so i don’t mind people being critical of him, certainly, and i know a lot of that is a response to frustration with stans

i just dislike the sentiment that i’m supposed to pick a side and hate the other side i suppose

i love scott and scott loves him

so i’m not signing up to hate him

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YES and it’s like… ppl are allowed to have different dynamics??? stiles isn’t an awful abuser to poor defenseless scott i am jsut. endlessly furstrated. bleh.
yes!! i hadn’t quite figured out just what bothered me so much about that meme but i think you’ve just articulated it—theirs isn’t a perfect dynamic (honestly i think it’s fairly true-to-life but i didn’t really have any close friendships with cis dudes in high school so what do i know)—but in any case it’s certainly not something out of ooc hurt/comfort badfic either 
oh also i was meaning to ask last post and forgot—i hadn’t heard anyone bring up scott w/add, do you happen to have any posts handy on that?